Why HY’s?

If you’ve been involved in renovations and dealt with tradespeople before, you might be surprised to hear that we respond to enquiries within 24 hours and actually turn up to the appointment. Now that’s refreshing isn’t it!

HY's guarantee a quality and reliable service.

What to look for with your project

Whatever size project or job, you are probably doing lots of research, getting different quotes and may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with information. Do you do it yourselves, or use a professional? If a professional then what do you need to look for when they all sound so similar?

Let’s tackle those two areas briefly...

The Cons of Doing It Yourself

Exciting and money-saving it may seem... until you get into it. Have you asked yourself whether you are renovating for profit or lifestyle? They need different approaches and a professional can help you tackle this properly. Researching how to do it yourself can take a huge amount of time as the planning is crucial. And then, when you eventually get stuck into it, inexperience can be costly.

Do you know about all the different permits and regulations? Did you know that installing your own wiring and plumbing is illegal and can be dangerous? There are many things to consider even before you start the work. Using a professional is not only more efficient because of expertise and how quickly the work can be done, but you can also save up to 20% on the cost of materials than buying directly yourself.

Choosing a professional? The HY’s team are different to any other

Firstly, you don’t need to find time to create your team of preferred professionals because we already have the best, all available to you, right now.

  • Our team goes through an extensive interviewing process to work for HY’s as we only want the best
  • They are all experts in their field
  • We deliver a phenomenal product and service
  • We LOVE what we do
  • We’re personable
  • It will be an enjoyable experience for you
  • We deliver a quality product, at a fair price, and on time

Have you ever tried to call different tradespeople for quotes? You can start off with a list for just one aspect of your renovation and many don’t even answer the phone, or turn up to an appointment... let alone turn the quote around quickly.

HY’s are different.

We are small builders, yet have a dedicated team to respond to your enquiry within 24 hours to book your consultation. Spend any time looking for the right professionals and you will soon know that this is rare!

So, why HY’s?

It’s not just our friendly team and attention to detail that we bring to our work that you will like. Our managers and expert staff will keep you well informed at all times to ensure you’re happy and confident that we will deliver what you expect, on time and within budget. 

Please browse our website to learn more about our company and services, call us on 02 9388 9111 or email us at info@hysrenovations.com.au