At HY's it's all about the experience… The enjoyment of watching you interacting with the team and being happy with the renovation process from start to finish. 

Our work environment is friendly, relaxed, but at the same time we never lose sight of finishing jobs on time with perfect quality and execution.

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Meet the team…

Dave York, Owner/Director

Having come from a sporting background, playing rugby in South Africa, the UK and Australia, Dave understands how important it is to have highly skilled individuals working together as a team.

He has a diploma in building and construction, with experience across property development, residential and commercial building and maintenance. He believes in hard work, treating people with respect, leading by example and honesty.

When starting HY's 3 years ago, he knew that in order to be the best, he had to employ the best. He strives for his team to enjoy every day with HY's and that they are excited to get to work each morning. This work satisfaction is reflected in the quality service delivered to you.

Rich Johnson, Project Manager

Richard has been part of the HY's business since its inception and believes that good communication and teamwork are the driving forces for the success of the business. With experience in Sales Management and Business Development, and a passion for property renovation, Rich feels there is nothing more rewarding than handing over a property to a client and watching the joy they get out of their newly renovated home.

John Ellis, Head Builder/Carpenter

John is a second generation carpenter/builder with over 16 years’ experience in Ireland, New Zealand and Australia. His unique personality and work ethic ensures a friendly, productive job site.

John’s passions include building, furniture, design and manufacture, carpentry and architecture.

During his time in Ireland, John worked with environmental architect Duncan Stewart on various projects including Super E® housing, cutting edge energy efficient housing, and upgrading existing structures helping to reduce their carbon footprints.

Steve Ellis, Head Builder/Carpenter

Stephen has a knack of taking existing pieces of work and creating new and innovative styles and features. Working with a wide range of building teams for over 16 years, he has a ‘get it right first time, every time’ attitude and is a stickler for doing things the way the client wants it. Stephen loves a challenge and understands that everyone has his or her own style and creativity inside.

Catherine McGowan, Business Manager

Catherine has been called a workaholic by John Ellis and is quite proud of it! After getting a one-way ticket from the UK,12 years later she is still here with an Aussie hubby and three young children (which includes some cheeky little twins). Her attention to detail is almost military, she has a passion for home renovations and decor and obsesses over HY’s renovating her whole house one day. 

Joe Tupou, Painter

Joe has grown up in a family of builders which has given him a broad knowledge of all aspects of the building industry. With a calm yet efficient approach, he has rounded up 10 years of experience to date, including painting, external/internal skimming and rendering. Joe takes pride in every job that he sets out to do.

Travis Simmons, Carpenter

Travis finished a flooring apprenticeship in 2009 and it was a natural progression to carpentry. He met HY’s Renovations on a flooring job and was looking for a good company with a professional yet down-to-earth team - and here he is today! Travis really enjoys building stuff, whether it's putting up steel beams or making custom-fitted furniture with an industrial feel. He loves finishing work satisfied that all jobs set out for that day are complete.

Michael Assaad, Joiner

Michael has been cabinet making for over 10 years and can whip up a kitchen in no time at all. He has a quiet demeanour and gets on with the task at hand His skills include joinery, spraying and cabinet fitting. 

Jackie Tan, Waterproofer/Tiler

Jackie is proud to say that he is one of the "Master" Tilers of Sydney, which only 20 years of experience can produce. No task is too hard; he always gets the job done on time and with precision and he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Along with tiling, Jackie's skills include waterproofing and screeding.