Design & Planning

Design & Planning

“HY’s Renovations have built many of my projects and each time have given an outstanding product. Not only this, their team is friendly and have an attention to detail like I have never seen before. A company that you can trust and rely on.”

— Sarah Roach, Creative Director, Entrance Hall


The key to a smooth-running, successful and enjoyable renovation experience is a strong team.

And a good relationship between architect/designer and builder is an essential part of your team.

If you’re considering a renovation and don’t know where to start, a lot of initial questions can be answered by a good architectural designer.

  • Do I need planning permission?
  • What is a DA and when is it required?
  • What is a complying development and does my proposal fit into this category?
  • My property is heritage listed, what does that mean/involve?
  • I need help with design/drawings
  • How can I work the layout to its maximum benefit?
  • I’d like to involve an interior designer
  • I bought a property with DA approval but want to make some changes, how do I go about this?
  • How long do approvals take?

HY’s Renovations work very closely with the girls at Entrance Hall

We like them because they are talented, professional, exuberant yet down-to-earth and some of our most successful projects are in partnership with them.