9 great reasons to use an interior designer for your renovation

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9 great reasons to use an interior designer for your renovation

Not sure about whether to use an interior designer for your renovation?

9 reasons why you should… By Sarah Roach, Creative Director, Entrance Hall

  1. By engaging with a designer you get peace of mind through careful planning and a full set of drawings and schedule for the builder to work off, saving time (and therefore money) during the build
  2. Our planning and level of detail also means you get a more accurate price from the builder in the first place
  3. Too many people get stung without having the proper approvals and/or contracts in place and there can be quite a lot of approvals you will be required to go through before you build. We prepare this and coordinate it for you. Your job is to enjoy the process!
  4. You’ll have someone to reassure you during the build (it can be quite scary seeing your place gutted!)
  5. You’ll achieve a better outcome. We do this every day…We know what works and what doesn’t. A lot of things work in theory but not in practice!
  6. You may see elements you want to incorporate in your design - we can help achieve that
  7. Design is not about spending a lot of money - one or two elements make the design - everything else should complement those items
  8. You don’t have to pick the most expensive tile to get a nice outcome. It’s all about the tile set-out - that is why some drawings are essential!
  9. It’s not always about getting someone to design your space for you - it’s often more about having someone to bounce ideas off and collaborate with

Entrance Hall is an up-and-coming design house of youthful and exuberant designers, dedicated to producing timeless and alluring building design and interior atmospheres.

Their specialist team has already gained accolades and awards for a diverse range of projects, encompassing the design of residential homes, landscapes, restaurants and cafes. 


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