How to create a dream bathroom with resell value

Wednesday, January 15, 2014 in Bathroom, Resources, Waterproofing & Tiling

How to create a dream bathroom with resell value

Bathroom renovation considerations

For bathrooms it pays to choose quality fittings.

Go for high-end where possible (without going overboard as you don’t want to put people off by your gold tapware)

Try to opt for sustainable options.

Not only might you be eligible for rebates but ‘being green’ is what many buyers look for these days. And it’s no wonder that people look for smart alternatives that help the environment with the vast increase in price of electricity and water.

Have you considered underfloor heating?

This is particularly great in bathrooms and with fantastic heat conductors like concrete, matched with solar, it doesn’t pump up the electricity bills.

Double up.

If you’re going for that luxurious spa feel a big hit with buyers is a double vanity and double shower.

Open up.

Think about space and light…

  • Can you turn a window into a doorway? It will make for a more tranquil, spa-like feel and let the outdoors in, enhancing relaxation
  • Clever loo systems these days make for much more manageable, spacious bathrooms. There are even ones for small spaces that have a sink built onto the top of the cistern.
  • The right paint colour can provide the optical illusion of space
  • Clear shower screens or even no shower screen
  • There are some very clever storage ideas for bathrooms including hidden shelves that slide out behind the bath, attractive little nooks built into the walls, really great bathroom products offering deep drawers and special compartments and we can build any type of custom-shelf you dream up
  • Making it as uncluttered and simple as possible makes for more space to bathe and unwind and is more appealing to buyers.

Tantalising tiling.

Don’t stop at the walls, think about what you can do with the floor. We recently renovated a few bathrooms with patterned tiles underfoot which made for a striking, eye-catching end result.


Choosing the correct paint is essential so that it can take the extra moisture as well as enhance feeling of space.


Don’t forget to get the right extraction fans in place as bathrooms are a haven for mould (which can also be kept at bay with the right paint)

For lots of inspiration for your bathroom renovation, visit our Bathroom and Tiling boards on Pinterest!

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