How To Go About Your Kitchen Renovation

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How To Go About Your Kitchen Renovation

Plan the job well

Planning is everything and will help you avoid potential pitfalls and overspending. The first thing to do is to choose what gets demolished and plan the layout. Also, decide on the hardware, appliances, fittings and fixtures in advance so that you can have these ordered and delivered in time for installation.

Here are some of the key inclusions for your planning:

  • Benchtops / countertops. Timber, concrete, laminate, reconstituted/engineered stone (quartz) stainless steel, synthetic, paper composite, natural stone (soapstone, granite, marble, lava stone) are your main options. Let the HY’s team talk you through the pros and cons of each so you choose the best for your kitchen.
  • Splashbacks. Is the ubiquitous glass splashback ever going to date? Have you considered tiles, laminate, stainless steel, concrete... You might even like the same material of your benchtop coved to continue up the wall. We can help you determine what is best for you and your lifestyle.
  • Flooring. Tiles (terracotta, ceramic, sandstone...) timber, concrete, slate, linoleum, vinyl, cork, bamboo, rubber... endless options here for you as well. And what about underfloor heating for when you pad into your new kitchen for a midnight feast?
  • Space efficient storage. Who doesn’t have cupboards full of weird and wonderful kitchen gizmos and gadgets, and tins of baked beans from 1998? Even when you have a clear-out it seems they find their way back. We can get you organised with awesome storage and space-saving solutions which mean you can find that jar of olives exactly when you want it.
  • Fixture and fitting choice. Don’t skimp on fittings and fixtures. Cheap options either look ugly from the outset, or break within a month. It really does pay to go for quality.

The demolition begins

  • Structural works. Window and door installations and structural alterations such as knocking down a load-bearing wall, adding a skylight... all need to be done by professionals. Permits will also be required so make sure you have allowed for that in your project timeline.
  • Lighting/electrical. Changing the light fittings, and going for something energy-efficient, is a simple way to update the look of your kitchen. Have you thought about under cabinet lighting for your renovation? And did you know that installing your own wiring is illegal and can be dangerous so make sure you have a qualified electrician.
  • Plumbing. Installing your own plumbing is also illegal and can be dangerous. Try and choose fillings that suit your taste but also suit your budget. You can pretty much pick from a range of fittings that spans 100 years. Old style fittings are always in vogue and considered trendy. Be prepared to pay heavily for stylish fittings.
  • Insulation, sound proofing and Gyprock™
  1. Cheaper bills
  2. Cosier home
  3. Reduction of use of heating and cooling systems

Never before has insulation, sound proofing and Gyrock™ been so important to our homes and carbon footprints. Acheiving that energy star rating is so important, not just for ourselves and our bottom lines, but for our children and future generations. Sure, having any star rating is great but is it enough? 

Insulation is a very important barrier for heat loss during winter and really helps to lower the tempeture durning summer, resulting in lower bills and a cosier home.

Complacency is the enemy of progress. Taking lessons from European homes and home owners it is HY’s wish to teach Australian home owners about insulation and the importance of its use in our homes. We feel we have a duty of care to insist ón insulation installation in every renovation HY’s undertakes.

There are many types of insulation available, just speak to the guys at HY’s for more information

  • Plastering comes in many finishes. At HY’s we can accomadate any taste whether it’s a traditional sand and cement render, or a complex cornice finish. We can acheive the finish you’re looking for.
  • Kitchen cabinet installation. Kitchen cabinets get installed over the chosen floor finish, depending on what the finish is. It’s worth choosing a kitchen that will stand the test of time. What with all of the punishment cabinets take on a daily basis, it’s worth asking for 18mm carcase panels with 2mm vinal edging. 

Kitchen door choice is also very important in terms of aestethics

You will look at these for at least the next 10-15 years and in some cases even longer. From solid wood shaker style to modern sleek poly sprayed panels, the variety and choice of our favourite room in the house is limitless.

  • Splashback installation. Coloured glass splashbacks are by far the prefered choice of 90 percent of our clients. Coloured glass is very easy to maintain and virtually timeless. With so many colour choices it would be hard not to find the perfect companion for your chosen kitchen style. Instalation takes only a few hours and is ready for use only 24 hours later. Stainless steel splash backs offer a more clincinal finish and tiles a more traditional look.
  • Finish carpentry Finishing or 2nd fix carpentry is all of the wood you see and use on a regular basis. It’s worth choosing nice panel doors or maybe something to suit the aesthetic of your home. Solid doors are more expensive but leave that feeling of quality and realibility. 
  • Archatraves and skirtings are the dressing our doors and floors get. Whether it’s federation style or a more contemporary look you go for, these pieces of decorative timber get mitered together to give a continuious and seemless feast for the eyes. The guys at HY’s have installed every type of skirting/archatrave on the market. 
  • Trimming around windows, door frames and floors; custom shelving and built-ins is all part of this final carpentry.


A simple yet dramatic part of your kitchen and home renovation comes from investing in new paintwork. Here are HY’s main tips when it comes to paint:

  1. It’s only worth doing if you prepare well (so let us do it for you!)
  2. We only use the best, safest paint on the market – VOC free, architectural finish and a 30,000 colour palette
  3. Keep it simple with white (or 5,000 shades of) or adopt a new colour trend. It can be very time consuming picking the right one so our expert colour consultant is available to help you with your decision.


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