More tips on planning your new nursery

Monday, February 17, 2014 in Baby Nurseries, Painting & Plastering, Resources

More tips on planning your new nursery
  • It’s a great opportunity for a good clean out and it will satisfy ‘nesting’ instincts. Your life gets very full of things when babies come along. As well as planning for fantastic storage solutions, get rid of as much clutter as you can before baby arrives. You could even sell some of it on eBay and use that extra cash to treat yourself to a pregnancy massage!


  • It’s a good idea to measure your room and map out possible furniture positioning to get an idea of what will work. If you’re renovating with HY’s, we will do this for you as part of the process too, but it’s always useful to have a guide


  • There are some great apps that help too. You can mix and match products and experiment with ideas for your nursery, using the KLIPPBOK inspiration tool for tablet for example, from IKEA


  • Have you thought about the benefit and beauty of plants in your nursery? All indoor plants purify the air to some extent, but some are more beneficial than others in removing household toxins. Aloe vera, various palms, the Boston fern... there are in fact 19 houseplants that are wonderful at cleaning indoor air


  • Safety standards. Do you have a hand-me-down cot or antique/heirloom? If so, be sure to check that it complies with Australian safety standards. There should be a label or a sticker showing ‘AS/NZS 2172’. There are various things that need to comply such as the space between the cot bars needs to be between 50mm and 85mm.


  • Carpet toxins. Did you know that carpet, and laminate, emit a huge amount of potentially harmful toxins? Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) is a chemical additive commonly found in paint, but also carpets. The RCOG (Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists) say that even though there has been no direct evidence of harm through chemical exposure, pregnant women should be informed of ways in which to reduce exposure. It’s something to be aware of and when dealing with HY’s you can be assured that we only use carpet made of wool, biodegradable, formaldehyde-free and flame retardant-free.

The most common question we get regarding baby nurseries...

Q.    Is it safe to paint when I’m pregnant and how far in advance should I paint the nursery?

A.    There is a chemical additive in many paints called Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) which can emit a gas even long after the paint is dry.

In fact, when we consulted a leading brand in Australia about using paint in a nursery which wasn’t zero VOC, they advised that “We do not recommend painting whilst pregnant. Paint in general takes anywhere up to 1 month to cure and harden which then is safe to be in the room whilst pregnant or with baby. Before then we suggest to keep the room ventilated when possible to maximise air flow in the room.”

Because of this risk, HY’s only use a zero VOC paint for our nurseries. In fact we use the best in the market with a product that outperforms all organic paints and fully meets the zero VOC criteria. It has longevity, performance and an architectural finish – with a 10 year guarantee. And unlike other organic paints which offer limited colour palettes, this one can match 36,000 colours.

There’s a lot to consider and it can be overwhelming – so call HY's and we’ll make it hassle-free for you.


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