Nurseries: What I Wish I'd Known

Friday, October 04, 2013 in Baby Nurseries, Resources

Nurseries: What I Wish I'd Known

Here are top five tips for planning your nursery, based on real research from Australian Mums!

  1. Power & lighting. When your baby is crawling and exploring their room, you don’t want wires everywhere. Babies are like little house rabbits... they hop around and are drawn to cables to nibble on! So plan properly for well-positioned power points and places for music systems and vaporisers to go so that they are out of reach. Another top tip was to have good lighting with LED’s on a dimmer switch.
  2. There is nothing better than a beautifully painted room and you’ll appreciate that you have done it. Freshly painted feature walls, themes and colour schemes were favourite elements with many respondents of the survey or highlighted as something they wish they had done.  You’ll never spend as much time at home as when you become new parents. You can spend a lot of time in the nursery feeding, and you start to notice things that you wish you’d done. Everything is easy before babies arrive!
  3. Built-in cupboards, better wardrobe, custom storage, more space, creative toy storage... all these were listed on the wish lists of these Australian Mums. You’ll need things within easy reach when you’re changing your baby, and out of their reach as they get older. You’ll likely be given a lot of presents and hand-me-downs from friends, which your baby will quickly outgrow. And it is more calming to have stuff out of sight than strewn all over the place. Things like a trundle drawer to go underneath the cot, or a blanket box, or a foot-rest which doubles up as storage make a huge difference – and HY’s can custom make these to your design specifications and colour scheme.
  4. Think about what lies ahead. It may seem a long way off, but if you are planning more than one baby then it pays to make more space for the future when you create your nursery for the first. You will save time and money in the long run and be thankful for it later.
  5. “It would be good to make the nursery more magical. You can have a lot of fun in this space... however I had no real time.”  The time factor kept popping up in our survey. It can be tricky to find time beforehand, and even harder to find time afterwards. Those that did their own nursery found that things lingered on the to-do list for ages. But that is why we’re here. It can be such a fantastic room, full of wonder for your growing child and for you to enjoy all the hours spent in there. Let us help you make this space work, for now and well into the future.



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