The timber-look designed to last

Monday, August 25, 2014 in Bathroom, Extensions, Kitchen, Outdoor Living, Resources, Shop Fitouts, Waterproofing & Tiling

The timber-look designed to last

Living with timber can be time-consuming. Now there is an alternative that will give you the beauty of wood without the hassles or the maintenance, and which will keep its original look for many years to come.

International research teams have created a new tile technology that produces porcelain tiles identical to the natural look of timber.

Our friends at ColorTile are importing these tiles as part of their signature collection.


These natural-look timber tiles are designed for easy living which is perfect for our busy lifestyles. Made to withstand heavy traffic and the toughest of challenges from animals and children, these tiles maintain their look even under tests with stilettos.

Other benefits that make these natural-look tiles so appealing:

  • low maintenance
  • no ongoing upkeep costs
  • suitable for indoor, outdoor, bathrooms and kitchens
  • never requires sealing or sanding
  • easy cleaning
  • no fading or discolouration
  • no buckling or creaking
  • suitable for underfloor heating
  • superior performance

Bush-fire resistant

Many people want that wooden deck but are concerned with the flammable characteristics of timber. The natural-look timber tiles offer the solution for people living in bush-fire prone areas.

These tiles have already reached temperatures of 1100 degrees making them perfect for this type of lifestyle.


The natural-look timber ranges are designed to complement both modern and traditional styles.

For a minimalist or contemporary style, the natural-look timber tiles offer a continuous floor design from the living to the kitchen and bathroom areas, flowing through to the outdoor decks.

There are also different ranges designed specifically for different styles such as the Signum range which is fashioned for the industrial look.


The natural-look timber tiles are designed to be arranged in the same format as timber floors creating an identical appearance. 

ColorTile, one of Australia’s leading tile retailers, has a complete series of natural-look ranges on view in each of its showrooms.


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