When natural materials and water don’t mix, what is the solution for your bathroom?

Wednesday, January 07, 2015 in Bathroom, Waterproofing & Tiling

When natural materials and water don’t mix, what is the solution for your bathroom?

Super - the look of Quartz

Natural materials like travertine, marble, timber, quartz, limestone and concrete add a distinctive and fashionable style to a bathroom or other wet area in the home, but maintaining their original look can be costly, and after a few years your bathroom may appear worn and tired.

Now there is a solution that will give you that distinctive style – without the maintenance – whilst preserving the original look for many years to come.

Our friends at ColorTile are importing a diverse collection of innovative tile technology products that are identical to their respective natural material. They look great, are low in maintenance, and offer superior performance.

Ambiance - the look of Timber

Natural materials versus tile technology

Travertine loses its shine very quickly, is very porous, is easily stained, and is intolerant to many chemicals. Marble needs special cleaning products and requires constant sealing. Timber warps, splits, fades and needs regular sealing. Concrete is very expensive, can crack and again 
needs sealing.

Innovative tile technology produced glazed porcelain tiles, identical to the natural look, overcome these difficulties and provide many more benefits including:

• very low maintenance
• low installation costs
• no sealing
• no fading
• easy to clean
• low installation costs
• hard wearing
• no staining
• and superior performance.

Rapolano – The look of Limestone

These natural-look tiles are designed to withstand the toughest – and wettest conditions – including heavy traffic. When choosing a range it is important to note the slip resistance associated with the tile chosen. Slip resistance ratings are performed in two categories: 
the pendulum rating and the ramp tests. The higher the rating the greater slip resistance of 
the pedestrian surface. Ask your tile consultant for the ratings attached to the range you 
have selected.

Stonehenge – The look of Concrete

There are many natural-look ranges in ColorTile’s collection which are designed to complement the diverse spectrum of styles including modern, traditional, minimalist, contemporary, rustic 
and industrial.

Tempo, Rustic Timber & Eco Alabaster

The look of Marble, the look of Timber & the look of Limestone

ColorTile, one of Australia’s leading tile retailers, has a complete series of natural-look ranges on view in each of its showrooms.


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