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Kitchen Renovations

“All of the HY’s boys were service orientated, skilful, tidy, positive and what they advise is actually what happens.”

— Maureen Bell


Kitchen Renovations

A quality kitchen increases the value of your home

You may be looking to renovate your kitchen for your own lifestyle and comfort... to accommodate a growing family, or open up the space to an outdoor decking area.

Or you may be renovating for pure profit.

As a general rule, kitchens can cost from $9,000 for a revamp to $35,000-40,000 for a complete refit at the top end.

Amanda Talbot, stylist, design critic and author, says that 5% of the value of your house should be in the kitchen (source

The HIA/GWA Kitchen and Bathroom Survey 2013/14 found the average price for a kitchen renovation in 2012/13 was $19,123. 

Kitchens increase the value of your property enormously, if it’s done right.

What to consider                                          

Before you start thinking about the design, there are lots of things to consider that help you make the best decisions, for your lifestyle and property.

  • Are you renovating for lifestyle or profit?
  • Are you going to replace or revamp?
  • Will you use an architect/draftsman?
  • Will the layout be in the same position or are you changing the configuration?
  • What type of feel are you going for – modern, industrial, country...?
  • What colours are you thinking of?
  • Do you think you’ll buy a ‘flat-pack’ kitchen or have one custom made?
  • How will you maximise storage?
  • Will you be entertaining a lot?

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  • What to look for when getting a quote

    It’s important to know what to look for as you may get some estimates which seem comparatively less than others.

    Take a closer look and there can be things missing, meaning you’ll get a nasty surprise as the costs mount up.

    That won’t happen with HY’s.

    We quote for everything... that means the demolition, plumbing, electrical, splashbacks... It is priced to complete.

    HY’s provide you with talented carpenters, painters, tilers, plumbers and electricians – all without having to shop around yourself.

    And remember, we’re a small builder, so we can turn things around quickly and professionally yet make it an enjoyable process with a friendly, approachable team.

    We’ll get back to you with an estimate and timeline within 48 hours

  • Plan your budget & goals carefully.

    It’s so easy to overspend or rush into jobs which will cost you further down the track. Generally it’s a good idea to factor in an extra 10% contingency budget. And think about what is worth paying a little bit more for now which can help to reduce bills and make things more comfortable while you are living there.

    We’ll guide you

    The beauty of using HY’s is that we have the best renovation specialists to hand and take the hassle out of all the different options and decision-making, because we help guide you.

    The first thing we do is to book a consultation with you, so that you can describe the vision you have for your renovation.

    Planning and design

    At your consultation, we’ll review and measure up the space and discuss design options such as layout, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, plumbing, fittings and finishes.

    From here we guide you as to the best solution for your property’s structure, your lifestyle and your budget.